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If you know someone on your holiday shopping list who is a serious automotive enthusiast and enjoys tuning his car whenever he has a spare moment, you may be searching around for a gift that encapsulates his love for vehicular upgrading.  Sure, there are plenty of car parts out there for you to choose from that you can give away as a gift, but some donít make nearly as much sense to give as gifts as others.  So if you want to impress this car tuner by gift opening time, and donít want to shell out the money for a brand new car and big red bow, consider giving him one or both of the tuner gift suggestions below.


When giving a tuner a gift that will suit his repairing and upgrading nature, youíll need to give him something to do that wonít be finished in five minutes time.  Similarly, it is a gift as well and you wonít want to give him something that will be endlessly frustrating and time consuming to install (let him pick out those complicated installation projects for himself).  Instead, youíll need to find a gift that balances a reasonable amount of work and installation time with relative simplicity and features heíll want.  A perfect idea in this case is to give away an aftermarket HID kit. A typical HID kit can be installed within several hours max, and will replace a carís standard halogen headlights with ones that can be custom colorized. Plus, HIDs last up to 10x as long and shine up to 3x as brightly as halogens, so thereís definite appeal to installing them.

Body Kit

An aftermarket body kit is an excellent alternative choice to a custom HID kit.  With a body kit, a tuner can dramatically alter the exterior appearance of his vehicle, typically to make a more streamlined and sleek look with plenty of extra aesthetic appeal.  Your conventional body kit will contain bumpers, fenders, and several other pieces, but it isnít all-inclusive.  So if you want a brand new front grille, hood, or set of rims to go with the rest of your body kit upgrades, youíll have to pick them up separately. 

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