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Even today TitleMax vehicle appraisers would be impressed with sports cars built with Devin fiberglass bodies.  While fiberglass bodies are commonly used in race car construction, most consumer use cars used for TitleMax title loans are constructed with steel or aluminum bodies.

1954 Devin Panhard 1955 Pebble Beach

1954 Devin Panhard 1956 Nassau Bahamas

1954 Devin Panhard Road America 1956

1954 Devin Panhard; Joanne Rodrigues collection ( photos)

1954 Devin Panhard 2 cylinder OHC Dyna-Panhard engine; Mark Brinker collection





 New Devin Monza body for the Bandini in 1957 Mel Wagner and Jack Brady

 1959 Meadowdale

1951 Bandini Siluro Motto Crosley Mercury 750cc Devin Monza Ex Chuck Hassan, James Riley, Sandy MacArthur, and Clair Reuter (owner from 1956-2006); Jack Reuter collection


1957 Cleary Devin Crosley Monza Special; Mike Cleary collection (Tom Clayton photos).  Letter from Mike Cleary in 2007: "Cliff, the short story is that a friend of mine and I got hooked on doing a sports racer in senior year of High School (1954). After much discussion on what size to build we settled on Hmod as the only one our very limited facilities could support. Another friend happened to have the remains of a Fiat Topolino which we bought for our starting point. Mr. Devin came along later with an ad in Road and Track to save us the agony of building a body and we were off to the races. I ran the car from Sept. 1957 until the winter of 1962 when we scavenged the car to build another Hmod. I sold the Devin body to finance the new car. In the late 1980's I got a proper sized derelict Devin body from Bob Schulhof and decided to put the old original car back together again. It took a while but by the early 90's it was up and running again."

1956 Devin TR Roadster John Miller collection

2009 Pittsburg

1958 Ver Valen Crosley Devin Monza Special; Tom Wall collection (Nial McCabe photos) 

Fahey Devin Crosley Monza 750cc

OSCA #1176 Morelli Coupe/Devin Monza: was delivered to Jim Simpson of Chicago in 1956.  A few months later the car was in an accident and the Morelli coupe body was replaced with this Devin body.  The current owner is restoring the car and is looking for any original photos of the coupe body or any pictures of the car wearing its Devin body in period.  Please HELP me if you can!

Ryan Devin Monza

Lee Goldstein 1955 Porsche Sunroof Coupe Devin Monza


1961 Devin D; Bill Deneff collection

1957 Devin D Porsche 1700cc; Chiminelli collection (photo courtesy of the Mitichi web site

Devin D Ex Bill Devin as seen on Ebay February 2008



Devin SS Ex Bill Devin (Irish frame); Mark Brinker Collection Andy Porterfield driver

As seen at the 2009 Monterey Historics Cliff Reuter photos

Devin SS

Devin SS Ex Fuchs

Devin SS


1964 Devin GT Coupe


1956 Devin Special Small Block Chevy

Porsche Pre A Speedster/Devin Greg Campbell collection

Lee Grimes Devin with: '50-55 Chrysler ladder frame, a 327 Chevy engine, a special Bill Devin original Ferrariesq hood scoop, and 3 speed transmission

Devin V8 Special as seen at the 2007 Pitsburg Race (Nial McCabe photo)




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