My Favorite 1950's SCCA Hmod Racing Cars (500cc-750cc)






 In many ways the most interesting, but also the most neglected, is the SCCA 750cc H Modified class.  By a stroke of luck, the post-war all-American Crosely was powered by a lightweight five main bearing SOHC engine of just about that capacity, and the factory built Crosely Hotshot won the first race at Sebring in 1950 (on handicap). The Hotshots were rare, but more abundant were the beautiful, fast, and oftentimes fragile Italian racing cars known as etceterinis with engines built in small far away garages and very, very hard to come by.  Installing the readily available Crosely engine gave these tiny Italians a renewed lease on life and they quickly populated Hmod grids of SCCA events from coast to coast. The primary importer of these hugely successful Italian cars, Tony Pompeo, often preferred to receive them from Italy without engines.  Etceterinis did not walk away with SCCA titles without a fight from a few incredible home built American specials which are partially listed below:



1954 Andrews AFB

( photo)

1954 Nassau Bahamas

1955 Thompson 



(Vintage Racecar Magazine photo)

1953 PBX Candy Poole designer/builder, 1954 National SCCA Hmod Champion; Jeb Ebbott Jr. collection


1956 Road America Hmod results


1957 Martin Tanner Article


Sandy MacArthur's 1958 Hmod Newsletters 




In a letter to Mary Kuly, Mel Wagner described the camaraderie of the early class H Modified racers.  " is a broad fraternity made up of people like your dad (Clair Reuter) and our club members to the very wealthy movers and shakers, from brewery magnates, paper product heirs, meat packers fortunes and film stars.  "It was at Milwaukee Wisconsin race where I met (through your dad) Mike Rahal, who raced an Austin Healey. On a later visit with your dad to the Rahal home in either Lombard or Glen Ellen I was introduced to the family and a little kid named Bobby Rahal, who would go on to be a very successful Indy race driver and team owner. Another notable name your dad knew through the Chicago Region of the SCCA was Carl Haas, now half owner of the Newman (as in Paul)Hass Indy racing team. I believe Carl began racing an Hmod Stanguellini in 1956, hence the relationship with your father."


(Clair Reuter photo)

(Clair Reuter photo)





The TXP is a one off Hmod racing car that looks like a 7/8th scale Jaguar D Type.  It raced for many years in SCCA races (mostly in the Mid West) starting from the mid 1950's and had an incredible record: 7th in the SCCA National Hmod class in 1954, 10th in the SCCA National Hmod class in 1955, and 5th in the SCCA National Hmod class in 1957! is in contact with the current owner and will be posting more pictures and information very soon.


(Sandra Fodi archives)

(Clair Reuter photo)

(Sports photo)

1958 Road America Bill Mays (Sports photo)

Richard Metker Meadowdale (?) (Sports photo)

As seen at 1991 lime rock (Sports photo)



1961 Vineland

Mark 1

Mark 2

Jabro Bodied Special scans scans


(Clair Reuter photos)





The ERM was developed by Clair Reuter and "Klein".  This duo planned on mass producing these Hmod racing cars but it did not come to fruition.  These photos were taken by Clair Reuter and given to by his daughter, Mary Kuly.  This car raced at least twice (1954 Offutt AFB and 1954 Road America).

age 1





Tom Clayton photos


1963 HMod Meet


May 4-6 2007 Fernley Nevada Hmod Meet Photos








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